Our friends at Just Landlords and Landlords News have created a wonderful infographic that explains how you can use our app to donate your belongings to charity.

As our partners for 2017, Just Landlords and Landlord News are working together to promote the work we do to their community of landlords and property professionals, a sector that we think could really benefit from Gone for Good.

With its 12 simple steps, the infographic details each process of using Gone for Good – from downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, to having your items collected by your chosen charity.

Each step on the infographic links to the screen you’ll see when using the app, so it really couldn’t be easier to use Gone for Good to donate your unwanted goods to charities in your local area.

Working with Just Landlords and Landlord News has already proved successful for us – we’ve found that landlords are often left with their old tenants’ belongings at the end of a tenancy, or want to update their furnishings more often than homeowners.

Many landlords have already used the app to donate their unwanted goods, so if you found out about us through Landlord News or Just Landlords, remember to select them in the dropdown menu of how you heard about us!

We are dedicated to helping people get rid of their belongings in an environmentally friendly and conscientious way, so it’s great to have two partners on board that are also encouraging landlords to help others who may rely on charity shops for clothes, furniture and household items.

If you’re a landlord with properties full of unwanted items, remember that the best way to get rid of them is by donating them to the charity shops that need valuable stock.

Going through the Gone for Good app also helps to re-channel the saleable clothing and other items that currently end up in landfill – so you’ll be doing something good for the environment too.

Use the infographic to find out how you can donate your belongings to charity!