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#ZeroWasteWeek is a campaign that has been running for the past 10 years. This year it took place between 3rd and 7th September. It aims to raise awareness of the impact that waste has on the environment and ultimately persuade people to reduce landfill. Although the campaign heightens awareness for a week each September, it also encourages us to strive towards reducing our waste throughout the year. Here are some top tips to help you get started.

Don’t Panic!

Part of the ethos about zero waste is that it is nonjudgmental. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed at the enormity and scale of the waste problem. However, the campaign encourages people to make small individual changes. This means that collectively we can make a huge positive difference to our environment. If you make one small change at a time and keep repeating it, it will become a habit. Build up those positive habits and before you know it, you will have reduced your waste. Furthermore, en masse, the impact can be huge.




Until supermarkets, restaurants and fast food outlets make significant changes, we are still living in an environment where it is the norm to incur waste at every turn. From plastic water bottles and non-recyclable coffee cups to the plastic wrapping on food and vegetables, the amount of stuff that ends up in landfill is horrific. Therefore, unless we go prepared with alternative solutions, then creating waste is hard to avoid.

However, by equipping ourselves with a few alternative items it can be easy to prevent certain kinds of waste throughout the day. Whether it is a reusable coffee cup to pick up your cappuccino on the way to work or a reusable bag for that bit of shopping on the way home; each alternative that you provide will help reduce your overall waste. Armed with the knowledge of what your day entails, it is easy to pack your bag accordingly.

Be Mindful


We live in a consumerist society; easy come, easy go. This current culture, along with powerful brands and clever marketing, has almost made shopping a subconscious behaviour. It’s easy to get sucked into thinking and believing that we ‘need’ certain objects. However, the reality shows that many items that we end up buying only get used once or not at all.

Yet, the sum total of daily purchases aggregated across everything that we buy, is having a massive destructive impact on the environment. This includes the destruction of non-renewable resources, pollution of our water with industrial toxins and deterioration of our soil, from over-farming.

To avoid the daily temptation of buying things, we can reduce the amount of unnecessary purchases by asking ourselves the following questions:


Gone for Good App, home screen

…to Charity with the Gone for Good App!

This is our top tip, but as you might guess, we’re a little biased.

Each year, millions of pounds worth of perfectly reusable goods end up in landfill:

Wrap estimates that ” £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year”

SITA reckon that “Every year in the UK we throw out around 1.6 million tonnes of furniture and bulky waste, most of which is buried in landfill or burnt in an incinerator”

and according to ViradorOver six million electrical items are thrown away every year in the UK”

Yet, charity retailers are crying out for stock. This is where Gone for Good comes in!

Gone for Good is an app that connects donors with over 30 partnering charities.

Our aim is to re-channel 6% of the saleable clothing and other items which currently end up in landfill.

If we can do that, charity shop income will double, helping their important causes.

With a few taps of your screen, the app can arrange collection of your preloved clothes, furniture, electrical items and other saleable goods from your home and take them to a charity of your choice. It’s free to download and easy to use and keeps perfectly good items from ending up in landfill.  Find out more by watching our short video or reading through our Frequently Asked Question

Further exciting news is that from 4th October, we will be trialing the Gone for Good #CharityVan. We’re hoping that this is a step forwards to transforming the charity donor journey. Find out more here!

If you’d like to download the app, just click on one of the icons below:

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Spread the word

Shout about it from the rooftops, spread the word on social media or encourage your friends to take part too. Educate your children and set them a good example. Every little action that we take to inspire others is a step in the right direction towards a world with less waste.

If you’ve got any other tips you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them.

Good Luck!