Yes really! Hey, don’t rush off screaming at the thought of the chaos that decluttering and tidying can elicit: the half-completed task causing more stress and clutter. There are so many benefits to undertaking this – not only for you and your family but far-reaching benefits too.

Benefit #1: Spend time together – a chance to catch up and chat in a casual manner. Going through old toys and clothes may spark off shared memories that you can reminisce over together.

The room will be tidier and toys will be sorted (at least for now!) – realistically we know that it’s unlikely to last but for those precious moments the room/ house will feel more spacious and organised.

Benefit #2: Re-discover – forgotten or lost  toys, games and books. The fissure of excitement when you find your FAVOURITE game at the bottom of the wardrobe and can’t wait to play it again.


Benefit #3: Take the opportunity to think of others – setting aside no longer wanted items that can be donated to charity. Not only to raise funds for the amazing work that charities do, but by providing good-quality items to be sold in charity shops at more reasonable rates than brand new AND reducing the amount of waste that could potentially go to landfil!

Benefit #4: Raise awareness about charities and the work they do – Download the Gone for Good app, choose your charity and arrange for the items to be collected from home. Your children will think downloading the app and photographing the things they want to give away is fun. No going out in the rain. Oh, and it’s free to download and collection of the items is free too!

Benefit #5: Start a book or toy library for friends & family – another rainy day sorted! Maybe decide to charge a small fee which can be donated to the charity you donated too.little-library-1351491_960_720

Benefit #6: – anything your child expected to find but didn’t, is there a new release in a series of books that were rediscovered? Great way for your child (and you) to work out what they might like next time a birthday comes along!

Aren’t you glad you didn’t rush off!?



Gone for Good is an app, available on both iOS and Android devices, that enables you to upload a photograph of your items with your phone, allocate items to your charity of choice and collection of these items, from your home will be arranged. Oh, and it’s FREE! Free to download, and no charge for collection.

take the opportunity to use the Gone for Good App to talk about charities and how to support them. Your kids will think downloading the app and photographing the things they want to give away is fun. It can be educational at the same time as you can let them choose which charity they want to support through the app