Map of London with markers indicating charity shops

Gone for Good (GFG) are partnering with around 100 charity shops, within the M25, to trial the new #CharityVan!  Mike Rayner and the GFG Team have been delivering training to these stores, so that they are ready to accept your donations.

You can now book a FREE #CharityVan to collect your donation and get it taken to a charity of your choice. This can be done online, via our app or through one of our participating stores.

How does it work?

Shop staff are now trained to book a #CharityVan, for a donor, via a link on their websites. We are working with the till providers to add a donate function to the store tills.  They are prompted by the on-line facility to gather information about the donation. Following that, the donor can choose a date and time slot for the collection to be made. The donor will then be sent an email confirmation of this and a text reminder nearer the time.

Which charities are involved?

There are 6 parent charities committed to trialling the Gone for Good #CharityVan. They are:

Cats Protection

Children’s Air Ambulance


Royal Trinity Hospice

Shaw Trust


Here are a couple of the shop teams, that Mike met, pictured below:


Royal Trinity Hospice

Charity shop staff are great ambassadors for their parent charities. Their passion for charity and enthusiasm towards the #CharityVan has been humbling. Mike said:

It was great to meet such fantastic employees, all committed towards supporting good causes. It was also really interesting to see how each store is unique. No two shops sell the same clothes and each store has it’s own individual stamp.

Not only do these shops raise valuable funds for charity but a report, into the social benefits of Charity Retail, published by Demos stated that:

Charity shops were found to provide good, local employment to shop managers, productive volunteering opportunities to a range of age groups, stability to ailing high streets, and environmental benefits through the reuse and recycling of unwanted goods.

Furthermore, buying preloved clothes from Charity shops = sustainable fashion. It doesn’t mean wearing scruffy clothing, a lot of their stock is barely worn or practically brand new. In fact, there are some stores which are more like boutiques.

How do they benefit?

Gone for Good hopes that the #CharityVan will bring many advantages to their partnering charities. We’ve listed a few below:

Increased amount of stock to each charity

By providing more timely and convenient collections for donors we hope the #CharityVan will make it easier for people to donate. Thereby leading to more stock being collected for charities.

Higher Gift Aid Income

The van drivers will carry “Sign on glass” handsets. Gift Aid authorisation can be obtained at the point of collection. Hence, this should mean higher Gift Aid consent.

By labelling collected stock, using on-van label printers, stock tracking for Gift Aid claims will improve.

Cost effective

As GFG operates for a number of charities as a shared service, the costs to charities are controlled and monitored through the use of technology.

Less stock “goes missing”

Our integrated technological solution provides stock tracking systems. This means that we can provide the charity retail sector with real time live data around donations and stock movements.

Photos of donated stock at the time of donation and at collection adds extra security as charities will know what to expect.

Less administration and paperwork.

Collections are requested through the GFG app or via a link form charities websites. Similarly, data is collected through the app and via the on-van tablet-based collection information systems.

As a result, paperwork will be vastly reduced.

A more convenient service for the donor.

Donors should be able to book a donation within four days of using the GFG app. Furthermore, evening and weekend slots will also be available.

What to do next?

So, if you’ve got stuff to donate, start packing it up and download the Gone for Good app to arrange a collection.

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Or, book a #CharityVan via our online service.

If you live within the M25 you can book a #CharityVan. If you live outside the M25, you can still use the app to arrange for a charity to pick up your donation.

And, if you’re in town, why not pop into one of our partnering charity shops and show them some support. They will be more than happy to arrange a #CharityVan collection for you.