Gone for Good Charityvans

We are delighted to announce that the much anticipated and eagerly awaited Gone for Good #CharityVans are on the road! If you live in England within the M25, you can book a #CharityVan to collect unwanted items and get them delivered to a charity of your choice. There are 6 charities partnering with us for the pilot scheme and between them there are around 100 stores which will benefit from your donations.

In April 2016 the Gone for Good app, brainchild of Tony Hilton, launched nationally to help donors find a charity shop that would collect their goods. Created by Reason Digital, the app has celebrated success in the form of directing £1,000,000 worth of donations to over 30 partnering charities. However, during the past two years, it has become apparent that current collection services are fragmented, costly and sometimes inefficient. This has led to frustration on both the side of the donor and the charities. Evolving, to tackle this problem, the idea of a #CharityVan was born.

To help realise this idea, Tony brought in Mike Rayner as Project Director for the Gone for Good #CharityVan. A former Army Officer with 25 years of military operations and logistics experience, Mike also has experience in strategic and operational planning. Between them they developed various corporate partnerships to bring extra expertise to the mix. As a result, the #CharityVan has a sound foundation of knowledge in Telematics, Route Planning, Logistics Software, Labelling, Gift Aid and Data Management.

What does this mean for the donor?

  1. Experience has taught us that people want a quick and convenient service; the #CharityVan aims to collect a donation within 4 days of a donor using the app or online facility.
  2. With busy lives, people can’t afford to take time off work to wait in for a collection. The #CharityVan operates 7 days a week with slots available during evenings as well.
  3. It’s a free service for the donor! No catch; the app is free to download and it won’t cost you a penny to book a van.
  4. It’s easy to add Gift Aid to your donation. All van drivers will carry hand held, touch screen devices. The donor just needs to make a couple of taps to confirm that they are happy to have it added.

What does this mean for the charity?

  1. Less paperwork and administration; the whole process is technology-led.
  2. Increased stock to their stores.
  3. More time; there is no need for charities to ring donors to arrange collections.
  4. Increased Gift Aid; the tablet-based technology has automatic Gift Aid signup.
  5. Fewer overheads; the cost of buying, insuring and maintaining vechicles will be taken care of by Gone for Good.
  6. A collection service that they can rely on.

What are we proud of?

Gone for Good is passionate about the work that our partnering charities do. We are immensely proud to be working with them to help facilitate their income generation.








Royal Trinity Hospice   

Environmental concerns are very important to us too. With route planning technology and low CO2 vechicles, the #CharityVan will be able to provide a linked-up service which minimises impact on the environment. By making it easy for people to donate goods to charity, fewer items will end up in landfill and partnerships with  recycling centres will ensure responsible disposal of unsaleable stock.

Gone for Good is really proud of our van drivers! Recruited from ex-military personnel, they have faced huge challenges in leaving the forces. However, they bring with them a wealth of transferable skills: strong work ethic, attention to detail and exceptional ability to problem solve, are to name but a few. We are delighted that they are part of our organisation and that, as a result, we are able to help these men and women in the transition from armed forces to life as civilians.

How do you book a #CharityVan?

The #Charity Van is available to book anywhere within the M25. The app can be downloaded here:


Or you can use it online here: https://goneforgood.org.uk/

If you’re not within the M25, you can still use the Gone for Good app to arrange free collection of saleable items. However, the collection will be arranged and carried out by the partnering charities themselves, not the #CharityVan.

The Future!

We hope that the pilot scheme in London is just the beginning, for the #CharityVan.  If all goes well, Gone for Good hopes to keep expanding until it becomes a service that can be accessed nationwide.

We really value your support and if you don’t need to book a #CharityVan at present, your help in spreading the word is much appreciated! Please tell your friends and family about it on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #CharityVan. Feedback is also welcomed, including ideas on how we can improve our service. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@goneforgood.org.uk.