The Gone for Good #CharityVan delivers to Royal Trinity Hospice

Our aim, at Gone for Good (GFG) is to transform the Charity Donor Collection Service with the new #CharityVan!

For the past two years we have worked with over 30 charities, across the UK, to help get quality stock into their shops. We have done this through the Gone for Good App which connects donors with a charity of their choice.  GFG enables people to donate stuff to charity and get it picked up for free. Feedback from charities and users alike enabled us to identify areas where the service could be improved. Evolving, to match demand, we have partnered with 8 charities to plan a courier service that aims to improve the charity donor experience. If you’ve missed our updates so far, you can find out more here!

After months of research, planning and hard work we were excited to reach a point where we were ready to test the system.

First Live Test

Last week, Gone for Good conducted the first ‘live’ test of the #CharityVan’s technical solution.  This was done with help from Royal Trinity Hospice and OBS Logistics.  We ran the test over 7 days and test locations were split between Liverpool and London. This activity included 2 days of training and planning at the OBS offices in Liverpool. These were then followed by a 3 day collection, and drop off period, of donations from the Royal Trinity Hospice donor base in London.


Trial route for day one of donation collections.

What Happened!

Project Director, Mike Rayner, conducted the test, including the 3 days of driving around London in the GFG #CharityVan. He said:

 I was very pleased with the results and the test achieved all the aims set, as well as highlighting a number of operational and technical improvements that can be implemented. Whilst the Royal Trinity Hospice Shops are easy to find the new branding really makes them stand out.

Mike reported that the functionality testing was successful and all operational aims were achieved. Mike was also able to test the redundancy capability of the solution without the loss of service to the donors. An extra function, of shop to shop transfers, that can be incorporated into the usefulness of GFG’s service was also tested.

The test has demonstrated that the software and service being developed for the charity sector is a success. We were delighted as this brings Gone for Good one step closer to launching the #CharityVan.

What’s Next?

The next steps are to finish the technical development, of the websites, and the upgrade to the Gone for Good App. We also need to conduct further end to end testing and analyse the data generated during the London Live Test.  We are constantly keeping our partnering charities updated. All parties are eagerly anticipating the launch of our #CharityVan pilot scheme.

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