The summer holidays are officially upon us, which can mean a host of things – travelling abroad, staycationing, preparing for the move to “big school”, etc. For student landlords, it only means one thing: empty properties.

But having a rental property empty over the summer does present a great opportunity to refresh it, and maybe even change the furniture. This can create opportunities to donate unwanted goods to charity using Gone for Good.  We spoke to our partner Just Landlords, a leading provider of Landlord Insurance, to find out how student landlords can get involved with Gone for Good, during this period.

“Most students will have moved back home for the summer now, so lots of student lets will be sitting empty over the next few months,” explains Rose Jinks, on behalf of Just Landlords. “Landlords should take this opportunity to go around their properties and look at what’s in the property that isn’t needed, and maybe donate it to charity through the handy Gone for Good app.”

So what does the firm suggest?

Inspect the property

All landlords should always inspect their property once the tenants have moved out, to ensure there is no damage and everything is as it should be. This time of year is a really good one to update some furniture or appliances before the new academic year.

If you do find that some pieces of furniture are in need of an update for new tenants in September, the Gone for Good app allows you donate them them to a charity shop of your choice amongst our many charity partners.

As long as the products are in good, clean, saleable condition, the charities will come and pick them up from the property, for free.

Donate anything they’ve left behind

Many landlords will know that it’s not uncommon for tenants to leave items behind when they move out – this may be more likely for students, as they will often be moving back home when they leave your property, which could be quite far away.

If you do find that they’ve left reusable objects that you can’t recycle in your other properties, it’s a great idea to give them to charity instead. This way, they’ll serve a purpose for someone that needs them and you’ll help prevent goods ending up in landfill.

Before your tenants move out, it is a good idea to ask them if they have anything to get rid of.

Get together with other landlords

Often, student properties are situated in close proximity to one another, creating hubs for their residents to be near to their university, friends and amenities (such as convenience stores, restaurants and, of course, bars!). This means that there will be many landlords in one spot letting similar properties, with the same type of items to give away.

If you have a few items to donate when your student tenants move out – but perhaps not enough to donate for collection via Gone for Good, why not get in touch with other landlords in the area to ask whether they also have pieces to get rid of so you can include them with your items?

There may be a local group that you could use to get in touch with fellow landlords, or simply drop a note through their front doors.

Update your property

When your property is empty, it’s a perfect time to plan some updates before new tenants move in.

It’s important to think about what the modern student wants in a property – if the furniture is a little old-fashioned, for example, more contemporary pieces may improve your chances of getting the property let quicker or getting  a higher rent.

Assess what updates you could make to your property and remember to donate any unwanted goods through the app!

So, landlords, take this summer as a chance to get giving and clear your properties of unwanted items. Someone else could make great use of them.