Guest post by Catriona Watson

We all know that Christmas is traditionally a time for considering how we give to others. But actually, giving to others can make us feel good. It can help us feel more in control of our home space and can preserve environmental resources all year round. That’s a reason why people sometimes turn to professional declutterers for help. They know they want to get things moving, they just need help bringing the energy, ideas and organisation together to make it happen.

With Gone for Good, you can make this process happen for yourself. When you gather together the items you want to donate, they can take them off your hands, and you can be comfortable in the knowledge that the gains are multiple – you have more time and space for yourself, and someone else is able to benefit from the things that don’t serve you any more, even if they did in the past.

This is the great thing about decluttering – it’s win win. When you donate items to Gone for Good’s charities, one of the main beneficiaries is you.

How does this work?

* The process of deciding what to keep and what to let go is in itself a very grounding and reassuring thing to do, where you can evaluate your current situation in a positive way. It’s not all about minimalism! It’s a way of being a friend to yourself.

* As a consequence of the decision-making that goes with decluttering, you have more mental energy for activities and people who are important to you.

* You can find things! We all have buried treasures, and sometimes it’s lovely to see them again.

* It doesn’t hurt us to remember how lucky as we are. Gratitude is a tremendous comforter of suffering. Altruistic behaviour has been shown to benefit people who are experiencing depression.

One small step made, is better than a big, complicated plan of works that never happens. So make a start – clear out your preloved belongings, and then look at items that you are ready to say goodbye to. Your future self will thank you!


Catriona Watson runs Clear Space for Me, a decluttering and organising business that helps individuals sort through and release excess possessions to create a home that is nurturing and comfortable, and enables them to respond more effectively to change in their lives. Visit for information about workshops, and one –to-one help specifically for you. She is a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO) who promote good practice among organisers in the UK.